BANDZSCRIPTION - For All of the BANDZ Addicts

We fully support your love for headbands.

Some things you simply cannot get enough of. Ice cream, dog pets, pizza, and of course, headbands. Through our research, we found that on average, a BANDZ customer has 7 total headbands in their collection, which is fantastic because it means that they have a gorgeous addition to any outfit to rock every single day of the week. The thing is, why stop at 7? 

To us, there’s nothing better than having the opportunity to provide cutting-edge, sweat-wicking headbands that don’t move to our incredible customers across the United States and we found that a fantastic avenue to ensure that everyone gets the epic headbands they crave, we established our BANDZSCRIPTION! You can choose to either subscribe to a pack of two headbands for only $24.99 a month or a pack of three headbands for only $32.99 per month. Our typical headband goes for $14.99 so by subscribing you will actually end up saving money PLUS you will get an exclusive pattern only for BANDZSCRIPTION subscribers. We wanted to create an epic deal for those who proudly rock BANDZ and are incredibly pumped to offer this!

Just in case you needed some extra reasons to join our BANDZ Fam:

  1. BANDZ are one-size-fits-all so you never need to worry about an improper fit
  2. BANDZ don’t move while working out **We mean it**
  3. BANDZ look stunning from the gym to a hangout with friends
  4. BANDZ wick sweat to keep you cool and comfortable
  5. BANDZ come in tons of different patterns so there is always one to fit your mood
Changing the headband game is our mission and we can’t wait for you to join us on our journey! Sign up for our BANDZSCRIPTION today:

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