How To Get Back In Shape Post-Quarantine

Lost some fitness due to the pandemic? Don’t worry, you can get it back!

Staying in great shape during perfect circumstances can be a challenge at times. Throw in a global pandemic and things start to get a bit tricky - we get it. With events being postponed or canceled, gyms closing down, and fun activities becoming unavailable, it is understandable that you would want to get your Netflix on at home and post up with some chips, beer, and your dog (because you need a quarantine BFF). 

Kicking it and binge-watching shows is tons of fun, but it can only last for so long. Eventually, everything will get back to normal and fortunately, that time has come. 

With gyms opening back up and events quickly filling up the calendar, it is pretty much a mad dash to get in workouts and get those gains going. The only thing is, diving back in isn’t a good option. It isn’t smart for longevity purposes, fitness purposes, or for your overall well being. Fitness is a marathon, not a sprint and it takes time before you’re a beast while training again.

Repeat after us “Fitness takes time and I will dominate in the gym again soon.” 

To help you get rocking and rolling again, our BANDZ team did some thinking and compiled some tips that are currently helping us get our blood pumping again. Check them out, share them with your training partners, and let’s get fit again, together.

Understand Why You Lost Your Fitness

From a birds-eye view, it is clear that you lost your fitness because of the pandemic. Even though this would be an understandable explanation, think about it a bit more. Did you lose motivation? Was it because you actually needed a break? Were you injured and could use this time to recover? All of these reasons are valid and must be considered so that you can start again with a fresh mindset. Consider this phrase, “Nothing is stronger than a peaceful mind.” Examine your situation, come to terms with it, and get focused on the future.

Build Your House

A strong body is a lot like a house, it needs to be built brick by brick. Take things small and then build to the bigger stuff. If you train cardio frequently, start with shorter runs and eventually build up to longer runs. If you are benching or squatting, start with lighter weights for the first few sessions. If you just pick up where you left off, you risk injury or end up declining your odds of training from a longevity perspective. Even a short, quick training session is better than nothing so ease your way into things again, your body and mind will thank you.

Focus On Consistency

If you have been consistent with your training before then without question you can do it again. Set a structure, plan out your workouts ahead of time, and anticipate what all of this will require from you in order to accomplish your goals. Consistency builds strength and will allow you to perform at your absolute best.

Set Those Goals

This one is fairly simple. Find your dream and make it a reality through hard work. If you want to run a full-marathon, go for it. If you want to place high at your next competition, put in the work. If you want to be stronger and more fit than you have ever been in your life, live it, and commit to the process. Only you can make your dreams happen so don’t hold back. You will never regret the times where you laid all of your cards on the table, close your eyes, took a deep breath, and 100% went for it. Giving something your all will forever be something to be proud of.

Celebrate Progress

Along the way, there is nothing wrong with examining your wins and appreciating the small accomplishments. Every roadblock, win, or crushing workout, is something to be appreciated. Whether you celebrate with a beer, ice cream, a burger, a brand new headband *wink wink*, or even a trip to the beach, give yourself something to get excited about. Not only will it be an incredible treat, but mentally, it is good to reward yourself from time to time again. Life is all about balance and those who go far embrace these moments. Here’s to YOU!

At the end of the day, just getting off of the couch and back into the gym is something to be appreciated. Embrace the ability to move, be free, and better yourself both physically and mentally. From the start of your journey until when you’re back in beast mode, you can count that our team at BANDZ will be right with you, by your side, cheering hard.

Grab a brand new headband, get pumped, and get moving! 

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