St. Pete Pride - Central Cycling

St. Pete Pride - Central Cycling

I knew I wanted to be a part of St. Pete as soon as I discovered it 8 years ago. I fell in love immediately. The vibe of St. Pete was like no other and as a lesbian, the gay community was a huge bonus. Also, I love how much St. Pete supports local small businesses. Because of the gay acceptance, small business support, and another 100+ reasons, I am lucky to call St. Pete my home

As a self-employed entrepreneur, I looked for opportunities to be a local small business owner here in St. Pete. In addition, I wanted to do something I was passionate about (well, addicted to). With a lot of help and encouragement from friends, Central Cycling (CC) was born. 

I was lucky enough to find the perfect spot in the middle of the Grand Central District, which is the gayborhood of St.Pete, so I really feel at home here. My girlfriend, Lara is also an entrepreneur, boss babe & owner of Pup Active and I'm beyond lucky to have her support in life, she's Central Cycling's biggest fan. 

I'm super passionate about spin, St. Pete, and the people that make our community so great. I live for music + dance and at CC I get to spin/dance on my bike at a studio I love. I take all the classes I can and am usually the loudest in the room. Another one of the perks at CC is it makes me feel good to give back - and CC provides the platform for me to do just that. We host many charity rides and have a loyalty program that helps support other local small businesses. 

CC keeps me creative and I continuously want to keep improving our rides and the studio for members. It just keeps me on my toes - which I love. It took a while to grow the team we have, but I now know, without a doubt, that we have some of the best and diverse spin instructors and motivators right here at CC!

We've always looked for a certain personality, rhythm, and someone who loves our members and treats everyone like family. I'm beyond proud of the team we have! The diversity we have in instructors helps people feel more comfortable. We've created a judgement-free zone - everyone is welcome at CC

One of the biggest challenges with the hustle is that growth takes time. I look back from where we started to where we are now and I'm so proud. But, I am always thinking about how else we can grow! We are not a cookie-cutter business. We were not provided with a manual, but we all have the determination to share our love of spin with our amazing community. It takes a village sometimes - CC wouldn't be where it is without all of the instructors and our members, the CC Fam!


  • Brittany

    YES! Love this!! Ambs is the real deal! So proud to be a part of your team!

  • Tami Orr

    They don’t get much better than Amber! She’s the person you want living in your neighborhood! A catalyst for helping others.

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