The Summer of BANDZ

Summer is here and we are ready, are you?!

No matter where you live or what you do, summer is an exciting time of year. BBQs are happening, the sun is shining, and schools are out for the season. With all of this action going on, you need to have a headband that can keep up! From summer workouts to hangouts with friends, a headband can be more valuable than you ever thought possible. If you don’t believe us, click here, purchase your BANDZ headband, and experience the difference.

If you need a little more convincing, let us tell you a little more about why this summer is the Summer of BANDZ!

Jaw-dropping, fun designs

We are so incredibly grateful for our talented in-house designer, Mollie, who is also one of the co-owners of BANDZ, who designs all of the eye-catching, fun designs that you see covering our website and social media channels. For the season, she did some research and serious thinking, with co-owner John, to formulate headband designs that flawlessly represent some of the best aspects of the summer season. The designs range from adorable ice cream cones to tantalizing burgers to juicy peaches to flamingo floaties. Also, we also came out with a whole line of patriotic designs that can be worn at any 4th of July party! At BANDZ, we truly believe that we have the perfect headband for anybody to rock all summer long!

Beat the heat

Regardless of where you reside, the summer is usually the warmest time of the year, which is why having a headband that wicks sweat is essential. BANDZ Headbands are lightweight, flexible, and can fit comfortably on any head size. Whether you knock out long cardio sessions or are a beast on the squat rack, when the temperature heats up, our headbands show their worth.

Bad hair? Forget about it

Chances are, there are fewer activities that you need to get formally dressed up for over the summer. Since most events hosted over these coming months are held outside, casualwear is the name of the game. The thing is, even if you dress down, it may not be appropriate to let your hair down too. A headband is exactly what you need to cover up even the worst hair days and actually add some stylish flair to your look. From our Heathers to our Twisted BANDZ, we have a headband for every occasion.

Summer is here, people, and we are pumped about it. Celebrate everything that makes this season special by introducing headbands that will energize your wardrobe.

Convinced? Click here to shop now or contact us to have your very own headbands designed!

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