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How we got into the headband game.

No matter who you are, what industry you’re in, or who you’re working with, starting a business comes with challenges. The beautiful thing is, those very challenges are what make the company stronger in the long run and that is what truly matters. When we first started BANDZ, we had no idea that things were going to move as quickly as they have. A large portion of that can be attributed to our incredible network of friends, family members, and business connections who have lent a helping hand wherever they could. All of these rapid changes can be tricky to deal with, but we’re committed to building something special not just for us, but for our community and the country as a whole. 

We Became Friends

Our relationship first began at Burg CrossFit a few years ago. Through mutual connections, we spent a lot of time talking and realized that we both had a wealth of experience in the sportswear industry and craved excitement and change. Many ideas were thrown around but we believed there was a unique opportunity creating and designing our very own headbands. Since we are CrossFitters, we understand how important it is to hold your hair back while working out and noticed that no headbands actually worked without moving around. Through tons of research, we formulated a way to share headbands that not only looked eye-catching but ACTUALLY worked and didn’t move. We knew we wanted to establish products that worked for CrossFitters, runners, power-lifters, those who love yoga, plus more and looked good enough to actually want to wear while hanging out with friends.

We Talked It Out

As you might have guessed, just creating a headband that we believe would change the game wasn’t easy. We had to learn the ins and outs of how a business is supposed to function while learning each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Pretty early on, it was obvious that Mollie was going to be the creative mind behind the brand, and John was going to be the business specialist. Communicating effectively has been key to making our first year successful and we both know that with time, that communication is only going to get stronger. Understandably, there were some epic wins and some crushing defeats, but we strategized in order to keep going and continue building momentum. 

We Grew 

One of the most beneficial things we learned was that if we work hard and put our heads together, we can take a concept and make it a reality. In a way, we discovered a tenacious mindset that allows us to push beyond what we thought possible in order to grow together. Every single action matters and realizing that propelled our vision into what it is now. Owning a company is not easy, but the gratification is out of this world.

We Created

You may be wondering, “How do the people at BANDZ come up with so many designs?” Well, we can’t blame you. A lot of the designs that we have are inspired by our real-life inspirations and suggestions from customers. From John’s “Hey Mollie, I have an idea,” to Mollie’s “John, check out these designs, I made 20,” there is no shortage of styles over here. Coming up with all of these designs is a blast, but it is important to limit what we’ll create based on what people will actually wear. Funny enough, some of our more outlandish designs actually ended up rising in popularity based on timing and our customer’s desires. 

We Made Friends

Aside from selling products on our website, we LOVE attending events. We have a bunch coming up that will be (hopefully) taking place all across the country. CrossFit events, large marathons, and more are some of our favorites. We love really connecting with those that come up to our booth and chatting about how much we love the fitness community plus our goals both personally and professionally. Making an impact is our goal and the clearest way to do that is by talking to those actually purchasing BANDZ and sharing their thoughts with us.

Our Goals

Are we a fairly “new” company? Yes, but we have big goals. The same mindset that we use while working out applies to the way we run our business - work hard, dream big, and make it count. We want BANDZ to be commonly recognized across the nation and we want to be that company that other brands can rely on to validate their credibility. Within the next two years, our goal is to dive even deeper into the fitness industry and build connections with other determined souls focused on making a difference while accomplishing their dreams. In five years, we would love to have major licensing agreements, global distribution, and to be a company that truly gives back.

Nothing would be sweeter to us than looking back, reading these words, and seeing these goals knowing that they were accomplished and our eyes are set on more. We’re hungry, passionate, and focused on making BANDZ a company that our customers will love forever and that the community will be able to benefit from.

Currently, we’re feeling grateful for year one and know the future couldn’t possibly be brighter. Here’s to spending all day thinking about headbands.

- Your friends at BANDZ, John and Mollie

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