Why BANDZ Should Be a Vendor at Your Next Event

Events should be exciting. Events should be bright, loud, and colorful. Events should leave people excited for the next one- don’t ya think?! Well, how do you do that? Keep reading.

Aside from putting on a great show, vendors serve a tremendous purpose and draw people in. They provide an element of surprise as many are sharing new items, great deals, giveaways, and their own type of fun! Our team at BANDZ provides just that plus so much more


We design and create headbands that are ideal for workout purposes or to wear around town. We believe there is a happy medium in-between style and performance, and that is where BANDZ comes into the picture. We have many elite athletes in our BANDZ crew too, who are proud to showcase the advantages of BANDZ - the main one being that our headbands do not move. Planning a race convention? CrossFit event? Lifting competition? We’re into it and have the truck packed!

We are proud to bring a unique experience through the company image, team, and a large variation of products! BANDZ brings something that all types of individuals can appreciate. From simple, neutral patterns to wild and crazy, we have headbands for everyone. We believe in creating a healthy, fit community where people can become stronger than they ever thought possible and are set to accomplish all of their goals. At the end of the day, all we want is to become a valuable asset to the world, and that all begins by showcasing the power of BANDZ at fantastic events all across the country.

It is true, our team loves to connect with the community and meet new, fascinating people. Here are a few examples of events we love to attend:

  • Night markets
  • Fitness expos
  • CrossFit competitions
  • Marathons
  • Grand openings
  • Athletic conventions

Versatility is the name of our game and we have the opportunity to be all over the country, thanks to our loyal supporters (Special shoutout to our BANDZ FAM).

To put it simply, we’re dedicated to providing the best experience we can to ensure both our company image and yours is represented in the best light possible! Let’s bring the excitement, we’re ready!

Interested in having us at your next event? Please reach out to bandzwear@gmail.com today!

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