Our headbands are designed to stay so you can move. Built to enhance workouts or look great with your favorite outfit. BANDZ are lightweight and comfortable, you will forget they are even there.

designed with
Sunshine & Awesomeness

BANDZ- (bænds) A wildly awesome headband.

We all lead hectic lives and believe it is important to have something to get energized about every day and would love for BANDZ to be that spark you need Every. Single. Day.

Yeah, people love us.


The hype is real!


Best head bands ever!

I love my new head bands! They are great for when I'm on my motorcycle! They stay on and are light weight!


Just what I was looking for!

Stays put and keeps sweat out of the eyes, form and function perfection!


Finally head“bandz” that don’t move!

I had all but given up on finding a headband that didn’t slide during a workout. Well not only do these look amazing—THEY STAY PUT! 


It's official, I found my favorite workout headbands!

Melissa Swinson

I purchased one BANDZ and loved it so much during my work out that I ordered two more immediately! I love how pretty they are and they stay in place during Yoga and Strength work outs. My hair was breaking from pulling it back in a ponytail every day. BANDZ saved my hair!


They are stylish, they come in every design & color you can imagine and the best part is that they stay put!

Aleigha Zajd

Gorgeous and perfect fit!

Absolutely love! Doesn’t slid and absorbs a ton of sweat. Looks super cute too!


Great Headband

They don’t slip while running!

Kristi Chastain

Love it !

Yours bandz are amazing and super comfortable

Emiliana Guerra

You might have seen us..

Barbella Box