#BANDZForTheWorld - How We’re Spreading Motivation

Distance makes the whole world grow stronger.

Local gym closed? Ours too. Feeling a lack of motivation? Totally understandable. Going to let this change your goals? Absolutely not. At BANDZ, we understand that times are tough right now. Finding locations to train is difficult, events are getting postponed left and right, plus rules of what we can and cannot do are changing on a daily basis. As a company, we looked inward and realized that we cannot let all of these negative circumstances change our dreams or those of our BANDZ family members. We have analyzed the road bumps that will occur during this time and assure everyone that we will still be able to create and ship BANDZ as usual so that everyone can look 10/10 no matter where they are working out. Tough times don’t last, but tough people do and that is exactly what we are all going to do, together. We’re rallying our troops and are asking for everyone to band together and spread both positive energy and motivation. The time to get excited and embrace the situation is now, let’s share #BANDZForTheWorld.

We’re establishing this movement to introduce a new burst of energy into the fitness scene on a global scale. Even though we cannot train together, we can all be together by having the same unbreakable mindset, tenacious work ethic, and drive to be resilient. To unite all of those training hard in their garages, backyards, and basements, we’re asking everyone to take videos of them training in our BANDZ headbands and then post them on social media while using the hashtag #BANDZForTheWorld. By showcasing your dedication to staying in shape, you are inspiring your followers and by wearing our BANDZ headband, you are joining our community - one where everyone wants nothing but the best for each other. Loyalty and commitment run deep for us at BANDZ and we know that a massive impact can be created, resulting in everyone returning to gyms stronger than ever.

Our team at BANDZ wants nothing more than for you to come back as an absolute BEAST following this hectic ordeal - but the only way to do that is by remaining dedicated. You never know who might be inspired by one of your workouts. 

Just as an example here’s what you can do:

  1. Post on your Instagram story that you’re going to share a workout video at a specific time
  2. Mention what your workout is on your story and outline your goals
  3. Snag a video of you working out - going all-in while wearing a BANDZ headband
  4. Post your video on social media, tag @bandz_wear, and the hashtag #BANDZForTheWorld

We love our community and having the opportunity to share BANDZ with people on a national scale. The uniqueness of each individual and passion that they possess fuels our fire each and every day, which is why we felt like we needed to establish this movement to unite our squad.

BANDZ family, our challenges are only there to make us stronger and that is exactly what we’re going to do. Are you with us?!

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