When the Weather Cools Off, We Bring The Heat

Believe it or not, even though our team at BANDZ is based in sunny St. Petersburg Florida, where temperatures rarely dip below 45 degrees, we’re all from cold-weather places in the Northeast and the Midwest! We fully understand how hard it can be to handle a cold winter and honestly, we think it’s a bit too brutal so we all moved.

Just kidding.

Our BANDZ crew honestly loves the cold and appreciates the challenges that it presents so this winter, we wanted to create a new, cutting-edge product that will allow those who also love colder temperatures to stay warm and enjoy every awesome activity. From backcountry snowboarding to hunting to ice fishing to training in the elements, the BANDZ Fleece Shieldz can handle it all. Here are some key components we know will get you excited.

Fleece Lining

The BANDZ Fleece Shieldz are lined with an incredibly soft yet breathable fleece material that doesn’t feel too heavy. It allows you to successfully retain your body heat so that you aren’t constantly cooling down as you remain outdoors. Not only that, but this totally eliminates that chilled feeling you get while snowboarding or walking in the winter, when snow/frozen rain lands on you. 

We know there are other fleece neck warmers, and those are pretty great, the difference between ours and theirs is that you can actually train, move, look badass and enjoy being in ours. Our Fleece Shieldz come in 10+ designs so that there is one to match any personality and are “one-size-fits-most” so more than likely as soon as you throw it on you’ll comfortably be able to experience the difference.

Outer Material

The outer material that covers our BANDZ Fleece Shieldz is an 80% Polyester, 20% Spandex combination that is quick-drying, which is perfect for not letting cold water freeze on you and lightweight, which is optimal if you are a snowboarder who doesn’t want any weight holding you back. We genuinely put a lot of thought into this product because we know when you need something to protect yourself from the harshness of winter, only the best will do.

The Designs

We carefully selected which designs we felt would best fit the look people would be going for while wearing our BANDZ Fleece Shieldz and think we nailed it. There are a few versions with camo print, that will come in handy for hunting, a neon yellow Shieldz, which is great for running at night when it gets dark a bit earlier, and a green mandala Shieldz, an option that is ideal for those who want to transition from a workout to a hangout with friends. We’re constantly updating these designs too so that our BANDZ Fam is always looking fresh!

If you needed a bit more information to get you on the BANDZ Fleece Shieldz train, we hope this puts you over the top. Our BANDZ Fleece Shieldz truly have the qualities we are advertising and we encourage you to give them a try this winter. Get one for you and one for a friend, it’s still the season of giving after all!

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