• Expectations

    + Promote BANDZ on your favorite social media platforms 3+ times per month.
    + Include our handle in all of your social media posts and include #gotmyBANDZ & #BANDZfam 
  • Who are we looking for? 

    + Anyone who has a substantial influence in the health, fitness, and sporting industries. 
    + We encourage athletes, high level social media accounts, coaches, trainers, and celebrities to apply. 
  • How to Apply? 

    + Simply fill out the questionnaire below! We’ll review your application and contact you via email within 72 hours. Upon approval you’ll receive a welcome email explaining what happens next!
  • Perks of being an Affiliate 

    + Up to 25% commission on trackable sales
    + 20% Discount on personal Product
    + 10% Discount available to followers trackable via promo code or affiliate link
    + Access to New Product before anyone else
    + Potential Photoshoots and features on BANDZ profiles and website
    + Automatic monthly payouts via PayPal 


Want to join our team?

 If becoming a BANDZ Affiliate sounds like something that is TOTALLY YOU, let’s talk! Please fill out our affiliate form and tell us a little bit about yourself. Click the purple pop up on the left to fill out form!