Do Good.

Our community is important to us. Without the love and support we've received our business would not be where it is today and it's our mission to give back where it's most needed. This page is dedicated to show support and bring awareness to various organizations full of good women and good dudes making a difference in people's lives.

MAY 2020

TMRW Project

TMRW Project was created by David Baillie after his brother tragically took his own life. Their mission is to help those who are battling anxiety and depression on a daily basis.

The name TMRW came from a reoccurring thought David kept having- “I just want to help people who are struggling, make it to tomorrow."

We have collaborated with TMRW and created an exclusive headband. All profits will be donated towards mental health research and suicide prevention!


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If there's anything BANDZ can do to help your organization grow please reach out via our contact page!