Do Good.

Our community is important to us. Without the love and support we've received our business would not be where it is today and it's our mission to give back where it's most needed. This page is dedicated to show support and bring awareness to various organizations full of good women and good dudes making a difference in people's lives.


The #GoldTogether for childhood cancer campaign is founded by pediatric brain cancer survivor Cole Eicher.

The mission is simple- “Let’s work together to have more impact, more options and better outcomes for courageous kids fighting cancer." Gold Together is a way for people passionate about childhood cancer to join in and be a voice for children. In 2018 #GoldTogether became a national program with the American Cancer Society with all funds raised supporting childhood cancer research, support services, and awareness as well as cancer prevention efforts targeting children.

#GoldTogether connects and empowers children and their families impacted by cancer for a lifetime of support with the American Cancer Society.

“Everyone can do something to help courageous kids fighting cancer” – Cole Eicher





JULY 2020

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"Hello, my name is Christopher LaBeause. Recently a soldier of mine sadly took his own life. Although Veteran Suicide is not a new thing. It is crazy how we as NCOs and soldiers cannot solve this problem. Instead of drinking, like many of us do during a time like this, I sat and racked my brain on how to fix this pandemic we have sweeping our military. After a long sleepless night, I came up with #StoryTime.

    #StoryTime is named after the soldier that took his own life. The program that I want to roll out is not people videoing themselves doing 22 pushups but taking real action. On the 22nd of each month at 1800 you stop what you are doing and call a buddy you have not talked to in a while. It is intended to check in on them, say hi, and see how they are doing. I am asking for the help to get this practice off the ground [and remember] the ones we have lost to this horrible issue that plagues our military. Thank you for your support with your order and I hope together we can make an impact on Veteran suicide."

- Christopher LaBeause

JUNE 2020

Project Purple

Project Purple is a 501c3 supporting pancreatic cancer. Our mission is to find a cure for pancreatic cancer and improve the lives of patients through support, education, hope, and compassion.


Our efforts in patient support and dedicated research include being charity partners of 16 marathons across the country, partnering with gyms to host awareness workouts, and a variety of third party and virtual events. With the support of communities around the country and globe we are able to fund research for early detection, a cure, and support patients in need with financial assistance.


I have been with Project Purple for 2.5 years after losing my uncle and 2 best friends parents to pancreatic cancer (9 months, 6 months, and 1 month after diagnosis). That's the thing with this disease, it is often not found until it is too late as the symptoms are somewhat vague. Those symptoms are stomach pain, low back pain, and more advanced jaundice or yellowing of the skin.


The survival rate of pancreatic cancer is only 10%, meaning out of every 100 people diagnosed 90 will die. Even worse, 4 out of 5 patients will die within 1 year of their diagnosis.


Proceeds from this collaboration will go directly to supporting patients during the COVID-19 crisis. These patients are having treatments canceled, difficulty getting necessary medications and if they can have treatments they are having to go alone, when they are already feeling hopeless and alone from just having to face the dire statistics of pancreatic cancer.

Vin Kampf, Program Director


#GOPurple #ProjectPurple


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MAY 2020

TMRW Project

TMRW Project was created by David Baillie after his brother tragically took his own life. Their mission is to help those who are battling anxiety and depression on a daily basis.

The name TMRW came from a reoccurring thought David kept having- “I just want to help people who are struggling, make it to tomorrow."

We have collaborated with TMRW and created an exclusive headband. All profits will be donated towards mental health research and suicide prevention!


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If there's anything BANDZ can do to help your organization grow please reach out via our contact page!