Looking back at our first year in the biz.

One year. As we reach the end of our first year in business, we must stop to think about where we started and all that occurred to get here. 

What feels like only a few weeks has been a year of adventures, lessons, doubts, successes, and most importantly, a year full of fun. People always say that starting your own business is a challenge, and it is, but it's every daunting moment that makes us stronger and that is 100% worth it. Our bumps and bruises have allowed us to learn and not only to be better for ourselves but for our unbelievably dedicated BANDZ Fam

BANDZ started in our living rooms plus a storage unit and was a day to day operation. We learned new pieces of our process as it was needed and when we weren’t working other jobs. After attending numerous events at night and on weekends, meeting really great people, and listening to feedback from our supporters, we’ve grown to now reside in a legitimate office where business plans are made, operations are perfected and orders are fulfilled. Customers can stop by and say, “Hi” and we can hear first-hand from the people who actually utilize our products on a daily basis. This uniquely perfect set up helps us remain connected to our community and the heartbeat of gyms everywhere.

It’s exciting to see BANDZ leaving a positive impact in states across the country. We’re making a difference in as many places as possible while establishing a strong community of people who cannot go to a workout without wearing BANDZ. We thank those who will always show us love for making all of this possible and giving us the opportunity to keep going. Everything we do is directly motivated by wanting to create the greatest experience possible for our customers. 

Also, we want to thank our friends and family members for cheering us on, dealing with long, sleepless nights, and hearing us discuss plans for new headband designs 24/7. Your relentless positivity will always push us further.

In the coming year(s), we are excited to keep growing and to continue to provide value to our customers while giving back to our community. We are a customer, people focused business above all else. That is something that we guarantee will never change.

Year one was everything we could have dreamt. Now, our eyes are focused on year two. 

Let’s go.

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  • Thomas Orr

    I have used and recommended your products to a lot of people and they all come back and thank me! Great job delivering a really quality product that improves peoples lives!

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