5 Reasons Why BANDZ Should Be Your Next Headband

Not all headbands can get the job done. BANDZ can and then some.

Picture this, you’re scrolling through social media following a workout filled with sweat in your eyes, hair all over the place, and lack of energy and you think to yourself, “Hey, I bet a headband would solve my problems. I will do some searching and will look at the first company that comes up.” DON’T stop at one. Many headband manufacturers put out cheap, generic headbands that will look great out of the box but following just a few workouts, they’re faded, stretched out, and simply worse than your situation before. With BANDZ, that will never happen, that is a guarantee.

At BANDZ, quality counts from the start of our design process to the actual creation of the headbands to our distribution model that allows all to get their orders in the most efficient way possible. Are there cheaper ways to do it than we do? Absolutely. Are there people who can fill a massive order faster than us right now? Probably. But here’s what is important - there are no headbands on the market quite like BANDZ and there are no people behind the company like ours. Let us tell you about why you should join our BANDZ Fam.

1. Jawdropping Designs

There are no headbands on the market with as creative designs as ours. You can search up high and down low all over the internet but there are no people bringing the heat like we are. Our Co-Founder, Mollie, has been designing apparel for 10+ years and has an eye for fun, energizing designs like no one else. Mollie and Co-Founder, John, are constantly slinging ideas back and forth to create the next cutting-edge design and the proof can be found right on our website. From liquify lava to llamas, there is no shortage of special designs that pair flawlessly with anyone. It is a fact; if you make your way onto the BANDZ website, you WILL find a headband that makes you feel complete. There are options that would thrill anyone from a 350-pound powerlifter to a small yoga aficionado. Stand out from the crowd, bring the excitement, and be a showstopper during your next training session or hang out with friends!

Here’s our question to you, why wear a standard, boring headband while training or hanging with friends when you can wear one that “wows” the crowd and is truly special. It is 2020, basic and cheap headbands are a trend of the past.

In addition to our 100+ designs for everyone to enjoy, we also do custom headbands for individuals or businesses! Email us at bandzwear@gmail.com to learn more!

2. Customer Service

We’ve heard it time and time again, “I cannot believe I got my headbands so fast.” Yeah, it is music to our ears each and every time but there is a powerful reason why people always get their BANDZ so fast. We care. We care more than any large, corporate manufacturer ever will because we are YOU. We’re grinding in the gym every day. We’re rushing from the last training session to catch friends. We’re joining our community at events to share BANDZ.

Our community is our world and we want nothing more than for everyone to have beautiful headbands that are perfect from workouts to everyday wear. The faster you have your headbands, the faster you can enjoy all of the BANDZ advantages. Also, members of our customer service team have years of experience working for large apparel companies, so they know exactly how to communicate with customers in a way where all feel appreciated. At the end of the day, we have the same goals - to work hard, dream big, and make every day count.

3. We Give Back

Our community is important to us. Without the love and support we've received, our business would not be where it is today and it's our mission to give back where it's most needed. At BANDZ, we are passionate about showing support and bringing awareness to various organizations full of good women and good dudes making a difference in people's lives. From designing specific headbands for organizations that we are passionate about to donating to causes that are near and dear to our hearts, we want others to have more. When we win, we want everyone to win. As we grow, this mission will never be left behind. It is wound into our being and will forever be what makes us get out of bed in the morning. Next time you think about shopping with one of the large headband manufacturers, think again. Go with people who are actually making a difference in this world while working hard to help others elevate their style and performances.

4. High-Quality Materials

Have a headband at home now? Go and grab it and give it a stretch. Does it turn white and begin to look faded? If so, you need a big upgrade! This showcases the lack of quality that went into producing the headband and proves that it will not last. As soon as that headband fills up with sweat, it will stretch out, will move around, and can honestly ruin an entire workout. 

Our headbands are produced using state-of-the-art thread that will stretch while still feeling tight, so it doesn’t move during a workout and will look great for years to come. Not only that but the material that we use wicks sweat so that it doesn’t trickle down your face into your eyes. Workouts where sweat ruins your entire experience are gone and you will not run into that issue with BANDZ. Other headbands say they “Won’t move” or that they “Wick sweat,” but we have tried a ton and can honestly say none are nearly as impactful as ours. BANDZ are one-size-fits-all too, so no matter who you are, your dream design can be yours. Even though our headbands are established with the best materials available, we still believe in keeping them affordable for all!

5. Become Part of A Community

If you check out our Facebook or Instagram, you will see it is filled with photos and videos of our BANDZ Fam working out. That is because we’re creating a movement and a community where all are driven and motivated to accomplish their dreams while being connected by sporting our headbands. We love bragging about the amazing individuals who support us and are constantly inspired by their tenacious work ethics. We’ve seen tons of people become friends via social media from coming across our posts and have also helped people build business relationships due to similar mindsets. BANDZ is more than just a company that sells headbands, we establish a lifestyle and group of some of the best people you could ever meet. Even though we are founded in St. Petersburg, Florida, we have supporters in Washington, Pennsylvania, and as far north as Maine. Even though our BANDZ Fam spans across the nation, we hope that everyone feels at home when they’re rocking one of our designs.

As you can see, headbands are more than just something that we sell for fun. They are our life, our passion, and what we see helping a lot of people accomplish their dreams. Are there other decent headbands on the market? Yes, but there is nothing like a BANDZ headband, you can take that to the bank.

If you already have a BANDZ headband, how about another? It is summer so celebrate with one of our fun summer designs

If you haven’t tried one of our headbands, shop now!

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